We help practitioners receive consistent, reliable revenue.
Karma Well builds memberships for your patients and helps them fund care.
Proven business strategy meets custom technology
Decentralized membership care, custom curated to your offering.
Funnelled resources to your patients' health savings accounts.
Better patient results, customer loyalty, and integrated care.
Guide those seeking greater health
Build services into monthly memberships.
Diversify your offerings online.
Collaborate with other practitioner disciplines.
Design programs for ultimate wellness.
Sell more retail in-house and online.
The health benefits platform built by wellness practitioners.

With the Karma Well practice platform, clinics, spas, and individual practitioners seeking to increase treatment frequency or improve retail revenue can do so by offering a Karma Well SaaS (Software as a Service) membership plan.

Your practitioner dashboard allows you to offer individual healing services and membership services where you are paid the first of every month by your members. Your patients can use their health savings account for anything you offer, and we'll help them fund their account with our gifting feature.

What is my Karma Well investment?
Those seeking wellbeing

Free of commissions
  • No transaction fees.
  • No sign-up fees.
  • Memberships are free, the cost is applied to the practitioner that you sign up for services with.
Providers and guides to aligned wellbeing

5% /transaction
  • Includes Stripe transaction fee’s 2.9% + 0.35 cents per transaction.
  • Personal onboarding and support in building your curated offerings.
  • Auto renewed Membership and service revenue directly deposited into your account.
  • There is no sign up cost or membership cost to the Practitoner, you can cancel anytime.
Contributors to patrons that are also employee’s

10% /transaction
  • Investments roll over
  • Each employee receives their own plan
  • Only invest what you can afford
  • 10% commission plus transaction fees
Humanitarians offering contributions to patrons seeking healing

5% /transaction
  • No sign-up fees
  • No membership fees
  • 5% commission plus transaction fees
What practitioners have to say about Karma Well
Finally, a healthcare system that promotes health and the unique healthcare needs of individuals! Gone are the days of 'Cheesecake Cafe Gift Certificates' at Christmas that never get used. Now, your loved ones can buy into your well-being for the whole year!

Dr. Teara AshbyDC, DOMP, DScO
By adopting this cash forward payment system I could predict my facilities growth, I could hire more practitioners and work on my business instead of in my business, plus Karma Well offers communication threads between all of the therapists working on a patient's plan so that everybody is on the page, or in this case, same screen.

Sarah HobbsCEO and Founder of Karma Well Health Technologies
Wonderful idea! I beta tested for Karma Well in its early stages and you have no idea how excited I am for its launch! The interface is nice and quick to learn — and very appealing also!

Eliza DevineAcupuncturist
Frequently asked questions

Karma Well assists health practitioners of extended health care benefits as their main tool for advertising, booking, communicating with, and maintaining clientele.

Karma Well is free to download and use. There is a 6% fee charged to the practitioner for each transaction charged. There is no fee for the user.

Both unregulated and regulated health practitioners are free to use Karma Well. The Karma Well marketplace offers a diversity of treatments, ranging from acupuncture to hypnotherapy to traditional Chinese medicine to health coaching and breathwork. Whatever your practice is, Karma Well was made for practitioners like you.

To become a Karma Well practitioner, you must be at least 18 years old (for tax purposes), be eligible to work in Canada, and you must have a Canadian bank account that can accept direct deposits.
Not sure if Karma Well is for you?
This is an intentional community and we are seeking stewards of a healing revolution, you might be a candidate if…. You’ve had a SPIRITUAL CALLING and you desire to make an IMPACT IN THE WORLD. You question the efficacy of our current system and you want to be a part of building a new health paradigm. You are seeking to live in alignment and integrity with TRUTH and WISDOM. You are seeking to belong to a tribe of THOUGHT LEADERS and VISIONARY HEALERS. You have attained a level of MASTERY as a guide, Practitoner or coach and are inviting new potentiality into you PURPOSE. You feel you have out grown your current capabilities within your business and are seeking an EXPANSION. You are tired of not living the life you were designed to live and are ready to claim your birthright of PROSPERITY, VITALITY, & LOVE.

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