About Karma Well Health Technologies
We are Karma Well Health Technologies, the premier health and wellness marketplace that makes ongoing booking and practice management simpler for practitioners.

Our core values



We aim to get you results and savings with a membership service program.



We aim to build practitioner platforms that facilitate working together for your healing evolution.



We aim to self insured, community, crowd and corporate supported health and wellness program.

Our logo story

The Karma Well wishing well logo is used on all of our marketing materials and on our products.

The logo is a top-down perspective of a wishing well made from many multicoloured bricks with a golden glow at the bottom. The wishing well represents the practitioners who all pitch into facilitate your wellness. Meanwhile, the golden coin or glow represents the unique slice of you and your being("sovereignty").

Read more about its story here.

About our CEO

Sarah Hobbs(RMT) has been practicing massage therapy since 2002 ans is a graduate of Okanagan Valley Collage of Massage Therapy. Over the span of her career she has trained extensively in myofascial release, visceral massage, prenatal, pediatric and embodied movement known as Somatic Experiencing.

Sarah's approach to facilitating healing is to address aspects of the mind, body and soul help patinets understand what their body is saying to them.

"I like to build a relationship with my patients. Massage therapyis not a one off, it's really about relearning how to live in union with your body and life, says Sarah.

Sarah is the mother to a six-year-old Autistic son and has chosen to relocate to Southeasten British Columbia to work with ASD community.

You can email Sarah at massagetherapist@gmail.com for a free demonstration or connect with her through LinkedIn.

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Beth Gallup MBA

Entrepreneurship Mentor

Dr. Kevin Preston

Practitioner Advisor

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