About Karma Well
Health Technologies
We are a small team of practitioners and software developers living primarily in Vernon, British Columbia. We build software for wellness practitioners to curate unique membership programs, individual services as well as health retreat events and share them in our online marketplace.
Our software is designed by wellness practitioners for wellness practitioners with gifting to those in need as one of our primary objectives. We believe that humanity wants to help one another when someone we know is struggling with health challenges.
We want to make the process of giving care easeful and through our software we encourage consistent and deliberate wellness programs. We are in the early development phase where we work closely with the local community to guide our product development process. Future versions will allow employers to use Karma Well as an employee health and wellness software service.
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Our core values
Karma Well leads with commitment, both to the practitioners in providing software service that automates membership revenue, but also to the patron by educating on the value of a deliberate relationship to wellbeing and healing.
Through collaboration, multi-disciplinary practitioners highlight one another and create clear expectations on programs that are goal specific - while providing easy communication within the care team members.
Our software is a tool for weaving care into patrons' lives, while encouraging resources to flow to those in need through health gifting. Our intention is to create a fertile environment for practitioners and patrons to develop their own custom curated healing.
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Our logo story
The Karma Well wishing well logo is used on all of our marketing materials and on our products.
The logo is a top-down perspective of a wishing well made from many multicolored bricks with a golden glow at the bottom. The wishing well represents the practitioners who all pitch in to facilitate your wellness. Meanwhile, the golden coin or glow represents the unique slice of you and your being ("sovereignty")
About our founder
Sarah Shepherd
“I want to build a health care system within our healthcare system, based on a new ecology - a marketplace that teaches patients how to heal deliberately and consistently as a way of life. A system that is built by practitioners, for practitioners”.
After establishing her first Massage Therapy & Wellness Clinic at the age of 28, Sarah went on to grow her clinic to multiple 7 figures and a team of 30+ experts, and now works clinically only 4 hours per week because she chooses to. Sarah continues to practice massage and energetic healing modalities included in andean shamanism, breath work (pranyama) and therapeutic movement in Vernon, BC and online courses.

In her 20 year practitioner career she has always been guided to collaborate with multiple disciplines and curates care based on a body, mind and soul approach in retreat events and private consultation.

Now Sarah dedicates her passion, knowledge and experience to helping other health professionals and practice owners to realize their own goals and aspirations. Sarah coaches leadership through understanding team dynamics, weaving together her spa and clinical management experience as well as her private coaching and retreat event management background. She uses her industry expertise in business development and health plan programming in combination with her Human Design and Gene Keys teaching career.

Karma Well Health was born from Sarah's passion that health and wellness industry leaders and multi-disciplinary practitioners are stronger when in collective collaboration. Her experience with her membership based massage business taught her the value of creating a container of expectation for care but it also demonstrated how a business could provide the practitioner a place for them to thrive with predictable and reliable membership revenue.
Wellness professionals working
together to help you curate a path
of integrated wellbeing
What is Karma Well?
Karma Well is a health and wellness gifting marketplace, and plan building system.
What does it do?
Our system is designed for practitioners who offer care, healing events, courses, and wellness memberships.
What do I get?
Our practitioner team will help you curate a health and wellness program within your budget that meets your health goals.
Why should I care?
We help you integrate deliberate wellness into your busy life so you can thrive, body, mind and soul.
Why is now the time?
Never before has humanity been so dislocated from their health. We have the people and the system for you and your loved ones.
The mission of Karma Well Health is to increase the vibrational frequency of human beings on the planet Earth by creating a financial bridge between patrons endeavoring to heal, practitioners providing healing and the community of people that want to donate to the purpose of healing.
About Team
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Founder and CEO
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