We are a wellness plan building system.
Work with the world's best practitioners and receive community and crowdfunding support.
Build and fund your perfect plan at Karma Well.
Free plan-building features
Unlimited and integrative health and wellness
Custom and practitioner-developed plans with membership options
Balance rollover
Alternative and regulated health providers combined
Practitioner collaborations in multiple locations
Give and receive with health gifting
Receive employer contributions
Shop from practitioner-designed membership programs or curate your own.

Karma Well is a multidisciplinary health and wellness membership platform that assists you in curating programs that support you in your personal health goals.

Wherever you are in your wellness journey, Karma Well was created for you.

What practitioners have to say about Karma Well
Finally, a healthcare system that promotes health and the unique healthcare needs of individuals! Gone are the days of 'Cheesecake Cafe Gift Certificates' at Christmas that never get used. Now, your loved ones can buy into your well-being for the whole year!

Dr. Teara AshbyDC, DOMP, DScO
By adopting this cash forward payment system I could predict my facilities growth, I could hire more practitioners and work on my business instead of in my business, plus Karma Well offers communication threads between all of the therapists working on a patient's plan so that everybody is on the page, or in this case, same screen.

Sarah HobbsCEO and Founder of Karma Well Health Technologies
Wonderful idea! I beta tested for Karma Well in its early stages and you have no idea how excited I am for its launch! The interface is nice and quick to learn — and very appealing also!

Eliza DevineAcupuncturist
Frequently asked questions

Karma Well is an all-in-one marketplace where you can find practitioners, organize funding for your treatments and accept donations from your employers, family, and friends. As a client, you may also manage your bookings and communicate with your practitioners from our platform.

Karma Well is free to download and use. There is a 6% fee charged to the practitioner for each transaction charged. There is no fee for the user.

Karma Well can be used by patrons seeking to begin their wellness journeys or those who have already commenced a path to healing. Wherever you are in your healing, Karma Well was built for you.